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Lesson learned

happy family. mother playing with her baby in the bedroom.

What we teach our kids:
• ABC’s, 123’s
• Respect your elders
• Don’t talk to strangers
• Stand in line
• Eat your greens

What our kids teach us:
• Triple tasking
• Patience and strength
• Curiosity and courage
• Selflessness and Unconditional love

Triple Tasking:
Some days you will wish you were born with more than just two hands, and it will seem absolutely impossible to get everything done around the house; taking care of your baby, yourself, your spouse, and your other kids (if any). That’s when single tasking becomes so yesterday. You’ll be developing super human powers; you’ll find new uses for your neck, chin, legs, arms, your pinkie and your toes. Triple tasking will be a way of life.
The very next morning of my delivery, while I was still at the hospital, breakfast arrived at exactly 8 AM. Can you guess what else arrived alongside? A hungry baby! Did I nurse my baby and let my breakfast wait? Nope!
Did I ignore the baby until I had filled my own tummy first? Nope!
Task one and task two were fit into one timeframe. It wasn’t easy for a first timer, but definitely doable.
When I got back home and started wearing my baby in a wrap, I could not only nurse and eat at the very same time, but also send emails, jot down tasks and do everything else so effortlessly all at once.  Now even when my kid is at school and I have all the time in the world (5 hours a-day) I still juggle 3-4 tasks at once. I feel like I can accomplish so much in so little time. Thank you baby for that!

Patience and Strength:
From colic to vaccines to separation anxiety on the first week of school, your child will throw nuclear tantrums every now and then, and there will be a lot of tears and sweat from both of you. At first, everything will seem so out of control and you’ll want to just sit and weep with your baby, until you learn how to comfort yourself and your child together easily. It will just need a whole lot of trial and errors, time and practice.

Throughout your pregnancy you had no other choice but to wait, nine long months of baby baking. That’s 40 weeks, I mean that’s 273 days… 6570 hours…
My point is, if you’ve waited all that long to give birth and you still think you’re an impatient person, you’re wrong. You’re powerful beyond measure! They say motherhood changes you, and it sure does… it challenges your tolerance day in and day out, just so it creates the best version of you.

happy loving family. pretty young mother reading a book to her daughters
Curiosity and Courage:
As we grew older, we created comfort zones and safety shells for ourselves that we seldom cross or break. Smaller children on the other hand don’t have that yet. They’re little explorers, their curiosity says nothing’s off limit, I’ll climb a table and jump off to see what happens. I’ll lick absolutely everything to have a taste of the world around me. I’ll climb the stairways 100,000 times, without anybody’s help. They’ll fall and they’ll get hurt but they’ll want to do it again and again until they’ve learned how to do it.  My son at 19 months would literally scream at me when I try to help him up and down the stairs. Whenever he sees a 4-5 step staircase he stops and tells me “Mama, no, no, no” which in actual words mean. “I don’t need help, I’ve got this!” and I let him practice on his own. Thanks to my easy going parenting methods, and his courageous little heart, he could go up and down by himself at 20 months old. Give them guidance and let them be little, do not be overprotective. Let them discover the world and follow them out of your own comfort zones because that’s when we learn and that’s where life happens, out of our safety shells. Go out there and be fearless. Learn from your curious mischievous toddler.

Selflessness and Unconditional Love
I’m not sure how to describe and put unconditional love into words so I won’t, I will leave that for you to feel. But part of this absolute love is you being selfless. It is you, choosing your baby first, always and for as long as you live. Their well-being matters more to you than your own, when they’re sad you’ll feel terrible, when they’re happy you’ll feel ecstatic and when they’re bored, you’ll definitely feel guilty, although you shouldn’t, you’ve been clowning around to make them laugh since the day they were born.
We deserve a break from being entertainers, but again, we are greatly selfless and we will feel awful knowing we could get them out of that state of boredom if we go a little out of our way. (Again!)
What’s a little headache? I’ll just pop a pill of Acti-fast and get going.
I’ve been up since the crack of dawn and I’ll miss my nap to take my kids out? It’s alright, I’ll grab a 4 shot espresso on the way.
Whoever said motherhood is a full time job surely did not exaggerate, but it’s the only job with the sweetest reward of countless hugs, kisses and I love you’s that mean the world to all of us parents. The day your first child is born is the day that you are also born as a parent, and in this paternity journey where you are your child’s tutor for practical life, you’ll find that you are learning the most fundamental life lessons that no book could ever deliver. Be attentive. Be mindful.

My mother used to always say you’ll never understand true love and sacrifice until you become a mother. Lesson learned.

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