• Sandal Wistiti White

    Clean colors, Boxbo sandals express the simplicity, lightness, freshness and light of a beautiful summer. the expressive smile of the “Wistiti” model … all are inspired by the happy moments.

    An assembly of materials chosen for the comfort of the child. The Cork footbed (natural cork and rubber) delicately marries the anatomy of the foot and protects it from its contours. A flexible shape, which also ensures a good hold and which keeps the feet at a pleasant temperature.

    Fun to see and irresistible for kids! These shoes are particularly light and breathable, Perfect in town, they can also be used at the pool or at the sea! Easy to clean, 100% non-toxic materials.

  • Sandal Canine Grey

    Canine Grey, a kitten with two small pointed teeth growing on the upper gumline… A cute and trickster look that leaves children free to imagine what animal or monster is hiding.

    The very soft grey fleece fabric contrasts with the shiny buckle, an original touch to please the little ones but also the older ones.

    The midsole is flexible, made of natural cork and rubber. Renewable and natural material, thermal insulation that also absorbs shocks. The outsole is resistant and non-slip.

    100% non toxic materials.

  • BX Boots

    Use the conversion chart as reference:

    Euro Sizes
    US Sizes
    UK Sizes
    25 8.5 7.5 15.2
    25 9 8 15.5
    26 9.5 8.5 15.9
    27 10 9 16.5
    27 10.5 9.5 16.8

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