Momsense Breastfeeding meter

Natural breastfeeding has never been easier. Momsense allows you to nurse your newborn in the most natural way possible, while measuring baby’s milk intake with 3 easy steps: Monitor, Listen and Experience.


Monitor your baby’s milk intake and get real-time reports. Create a feeding diary with baby nursing reports, weight and photos.
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Listen to your baby nurse with our unique mommy earphones and see your baby’s swallows on the app screen.
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Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing how much your baby has nursed.
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Momsense is the Smart Breastfeeding Meter – a one of a kind, revolutionary product!

Momsense is an easy to wear device and mobile app which is designed to measure the volume of breast milk consumed during nursing. All a mom needs to get started is her smartphone and the Momsense kit, which includes the special earphones. Once your kit arrives, you simply scan the barcode on your box to the Momsense app, and begin breastfeeding. Attached to each set of Momsense earphones is a microphone embedded baby safe sensor; simply attach the sensor under your baby’s ear, put in your earphones, and you will be able to hear, in real-time, your baby swallowing breast milk! Momsense tracks the acoustic signals from the baby’s swallows and converts them into trackable feeding patterns. Interestingly enough, lactation consultants recognize a baby’s swallowing as a substantial method to know if baby is latching on and feeding correctly.
Not only can a mom sit and listen to her baby happily eating, but she can see her baby’s swallowing patterns in real-time on her smartphone screen (can be used in airplane mode!). Using the Momsense app, a mom can track her baby’s eating patterns over time, allowing you to better understand your baby’s hunger and daily timeline of activities. After each nursing session, you will receive a detailed report, including the quantities of milk drunk from each side and the duration of each breastfeeding session. Moms can also browse the Momsense app for breastfeeding tips from lactation consultants.

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